Monday, March 28, 2011

Strawberry Mousse Cups

Oddly enough, when I was a child and even a teenager, I hated food. I was never hungry, and it was always forced into me because I wouldn't eat otherwise. In fact, it started at a very young age and I became quite sick from eating so little. Then there were the thousands of nights I would still be sitting at the dinner table poking at my silver-beet and peas and concocting sly ideas in that little mind how to stifle the food from the plate without eating it so I could leave the table. Tissues were handy, as was the small ledge under the table near my chair, that soon became the burial grounds for carrots and fried zucchini and bits of potato.
The first time I ever felt hungry was after a day of skiing, when I was 16 years old. I was shocked! Now, my love for food has grown at such a rapid pace, and I blame it on working in gourmet hospitality over the last 4 years. My mind has exploded with ideas. I dream food, I create food, I even live in food. You know how it is, living with a toddler. I don't know why I bother sometimes. White is an absolute no-no, and showering seems near useless, for as soon as I'm fresh and clean again, a Vegemite toast is smeared down my leg and I find bits of custard in my hair. He catapults pureed apple across the room with his spoon, and a few hours later, after answering the door and going down the street, I happen to look in the mirror and find smeared fruit dried to my face. So yes...I live in food.
Food has finally become a part of life. It certainly helps that my husband is a conosure of sorts and happens to cook scrumptious meals for me now and then.
But food! It's about to become something I cant bear to eat, smell and cook. Salt and vinegar chips were all I could keep down last pregnancy, so I fear a little for the frequency of this blog over the next few months. Stay tuned though. I have a large amount of recipes I have made and photographed over the year that I have not had time to put up on here. Just don't expect  me to be as enthusiastic with my food descriptions!

I'm still whipping out recipes from Marcela's Kitchen Tea Party!


3x 85g packets Strawberry Jelly Crystals
3 cups boiling water
375ml can evaporated milk
strawberries to garnish

Dissolve two packets of  jelly crystals in 2 cups of boiling water. Refrigerate until chilled, but not set.
Meanwhile, beat evaporated milk for a few minutes on high until thick and foamy. Stir the cooled jelly through evaporated milk.
Pour into shot glasses or small cups. Refrigerate to set, covered in plastic wrap.
Dissolve the remaining jelly crystals in 1 cup of boiling water. When cool, gently ladle over the top of the set creamy jelly, cover in plastic wrap and refrigerate to set.
Serve with strawberries and cream if desired.

NOTES: you may use any type of jelly crystals and any type of fruit. You can even jazz it up by mixing fresh fruit or grated chocolate through the mousse. I cannot tell you how many shot glasses this recipe makes, but it will make over 30. I ended up using the remaining mousse for another recipe which will follow, so you may like to halve the recipe or serve in glasses or molds larger than shot glasses if you wish, unless you have a large group to serve. Keep in mind you will definitely want more than one!

Coming soon--another way to use this delicious mousse recipe!


  1. Hey Lou where do you get the glasses youve used in this?!they look a perfect size for all the little desserts I make for dinner parties etc lol and yes I can remember staying a week at your place in year 7 and you were always at the table for HOURS haha

  2. haha Em, I cant believe you remember that!! I found these little plastic shot glasses at our local food works store, not sure where else you would get them, maybe woolies or coles would have them? they come in a pack of 50 and cost about $3.50. they are just perfect for those super rich desserts too because the serving is small. hope you can find some soon!

  3. oh ok Ill have to have a look,they look a perfect size and plastic is great:-)

  4. This is such a great site! I like the way you set this up! Great content and images as well! Thanks for sharing this! Looks delicious...Daniel

  5. To be honest I read your little anecdotes more than the recipes themselves... :-) Love the way you write and describe. Keep it coming! xoxo Ursula

  6. Thanks Daniel, it is my readers who keep me going with this blog, and your feedback is reassuring!Im so glad you enjoy it. I hope you get to make a few of these delights some time!
    Thanks Ursula, my husband agrees! hehe keep visiting the page and I will keep up my story telling:P xoxox


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