Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Food

My camera has just died, right before Christmas. It became damaged in the last foodie photo shoot it will ever take. Yeah, I'm an extreme photographer--you know, the type that snaps a shot of the Christmas cake while I'm hanging off the ceiling. No really, it did stop functioning in my last photoshoot. Somehow it got jammed between the fly wire door  and the ledge between the door and the house while I was rearranging a plate of food, and BAM! the lens now does not open at all. Blasted wind.
I have been totally lost without my camera and it makes me realise how frequently I'm snapping things. Well--at least there's something my hubby can pop under the tree now, and I'm definitely in need of an upgrade anyhow. In fact, one of my readers has recently informed me that my camera just "isn't doing the job". Gee thanks for that feedback. Being camera-less however means a nasty halt to any new blog posts, which is never good news. But because I love you all, I've thrown together a collection of some of my previous Christmas recipes and favourite festive food to help deck your Christmas table, from spiced Spaculaas to chocolate dipped cherries to gingerbread and gold dust! Enjoy! I wish you all a very merry Christmas--may it be blessed and filled with good cheer, lots of wine and the best of food  xo