Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Two Versatile Blogger Awards

I am very honoured to receive two Versatile Blogger Awards in the last week. This little confidence boost has me doing a shout out to Chris from Cooking around the World and also Nillawan for nominating me. These two have gorgeous foodie blogs and I hope you can all check them out!

These awards come with a few duties, so here they are. I am to nominate 15 other bloggers (30 in this case, seeing as I have the two awards) and tell everyone 7 things about myself (I guess that means 14). Now I don't want to bore you here and most of my story is in the "About Me" tab. So I'll keep the random facts short and sweet.

My Nominated Blogs:

Culinary Adventurer 
At Gusto
Art Of Dessert
A Baked Creation
Buttered Up
Chew Town
Foodness Gracious
Glorious Treats
Gastronomical Sovereignty
Mind Over Batter
Drizzle and Dip
Cook Like a Champion
Buried Carrots
Yummy Mummy Kitchen
Beyond Sweet and Savory
Top With Cinnamon
Urban Poser
I Heart Baking
Lisa Is Cooking
Dishing Gourmet
The Devil's Food Advocate
Feeding Andy
Sweet Miscellany
The Indolent Cook
Ribbon and Circus
Kurry Leaves
Bake, Eat, Repeat
Red Star to Lone Star
Indigo Scones

Random facts About Me:

1.Sweets are my "one weakness" (who would have guessed?)
2. As well as baking, I enjoy painting, writing, photography, poetry and good literature.
3. The sound of someone eating loudly is one of the most irritating noises to me.
4.  Three favourite places: Kitchen, bed, and in hubby's arms (feel free to gag).
5.  A kitchen fear of mine is discovering that something has burnt.
6. I'm one of ten kids (six brothers and three sisters!) We had an awesome time growing up together and I miss them all, as they still reside in Victoria.
7. A few of my palatable guilty pleasures are strawberries, Camembert, Moscato, croissants, lattes, chai, thick vanilla custard, lindt chocolate, lemon curd, churros, and nutella from the jar.
8. Amongst being totally inept at making meringue, choux pastry, tempering chocolate and roasting meat, I'm hopeless at cooking basic things such as scones.
9. I'm shy as heck. But I'm friendly, really. Try me!
10. On one of "those days" you will find me in the pantry eating cooking chocolate. Desperate?
11.I owe my life to a nameless stranger. I almost drowned at age 4 at a beach in Sawtell, and a burly, bearded fellow rescued me. I will never forget that moment of my life.
12. I dream of publishing a cookbook...
13. If I were to travel, I'd do a dining and wining cruise around Italy.
14. I've naturally been blonde, brunette and then ginger. In that order. Not a word of a lie. And don't ask me how, I have no idea!


  1. Thanks for the nomination! Love your random facts, and can relate to quite a few of them. (I've certainly had my fair share of burnt things, for example...) And your temperamental hair colour sounds amazing!

    1. youre welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the random facts and can relate to a few of them!

  2. you are so funny and clever and sweet! thank you for the nomination - i'm flattered! and i love that you love my blog. i heart yours too!!

    other things we have in common: i efing HATE when people chew loudly. i can't even handle it!! bed is pretty much my most favourite place in the world - if i could get it outside underneath a tree on a sandy beach, i'd be in heaven. i can't get enough moscato, churros and vanilla custard. In fact, that was my EXACT dessert i posted a while back! I'm not shy but I will talk to you :) Maybe we'll go to italy and eat there. and drink. and lounge. i have also been all 3 hair colours :) wow! it's like we're friends or something ;)

    congrats on the blogger award darling!

    1. aw you are sweet Kristy! and very kind. we seem to have lots in common, and its so nice to chat with another foodie..I dont know many foodie bloggers! we might bump into each other on a SRC assignment, I think Ive seen your posts on the fb page:)xo

  3. It was lovely to read your post! So it seems it was not too stressful for you to do the double duty of the awards. See ya!

    1. nah, it was a breeze! thanks for the nomination, so sweet of you!

  4. thanks so much for the nomination!!! and i love your random facts! :)

    1. youre welcome Michele! glad you enjoyed the post:)

  5. Thanks so much for the nomination! Now, I'm thinking about my biggest kitchen fear. I think it's being cu--like by the food processor blade or something like that.

    1. No worries! kitchen blades are also some of my absolute fears. I've been cut far too many times through my carelessness! Blender blades...definite fear!

  6. Hey Louise, - love your site! Congrats to you, I love reading what you are up to in the kitchen. Margun xx

    1. You're most welcome Margun. I'm so glad I discovered your inspirational blog!


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