Monday, September 17, 2012

Oven Roasted Strawberries

Buying in bulk can result in storage problems, particularly when it comes to storing fresh produce. You either admit you've bought too much and let it sit and rot, or you eat your way through it...yes, every mean shall be strawberries! Strawberries, Strawberries, STRAWBERRIES!
September has been the month of strawberries, if you hadn't guessed. They're so cheap that I took liberty of the fact and bought a huge amount. Maybe it was just so I could feel like that famous chef for a moment, wheeling a trolley of stawberries to the counter. I can't remember who (I still have the word "strawberry" going over and over in my head) but she used to buy bulk, and then was forced to get creative in the kitchen with it before it went bad.
Well, with strawberries to spare I went home and decided I wanted to discover what a roasted strawberry was like. I dont remember where the idea came from, but I had to do it.
It's so easy, it's more a method than a recipe.
The result amazed me. For hours there was this overwhelming, very sweet strawberry scent wafting through the house. I've never been high (nor intend to) but I can imagine getting high off this smell. (A bit like that feeling you get when you've been painint a little too long and the fumes get to your head.)
The sweetness is extreme, delicious. It's potency will knock you off your feet. It's almost as if the sweetness of the berry is released into the air and when you taste the final product, a faded strawberry chip, there is nothing of the sweetness remaining. There is a delightful tangy flavour that hits the taste buds, and is compelling and addictive.
They make pretty garnishes and are about to be placed in a gourmet salad I'm planning to make. The possibilities are endless. Keep your eyes peeled for them popping up all over the blog!


You will need:

quantity of strawberries
icing sugar (optional)
non-stick paper-lined tray

Heat the oven at 100C. Slice the strawberries lengthways into four pieces each. The larger the strawberry, the better, but if you have little berries, cut into three thicknesses per berry. This is just a guideline, you can cut them as thick or as thin as you like, but the above is what worked for me.
Line a tray with non stick baking paper. Sprinkle the paper with a coating of icing sugar (sometimes known as confectioner's sugar. This is optional)
Place a single layer of the berries on the tray  with a cm or so between the berries. They tend to stick to each other if stacked and don't dry out as well. Bake for 4-5 hours, checking every hour until they reach desired crispness. Remove from heat and allow to cool before removing.

What are you going to use your roasted strawberries for? Here's a few suggestions!

You could also eat them on their own as snacks, on an apple crumble, through your breakfast muesli...the possibilities are endless!


  1. my Marie! do try it, theyre yummy:) you will like it in salad too, its a great addition:)


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