Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Pastel Bird Cage Cake

I think I've lost my mojo. It sometimes happens when I get sick. Or burn something. Or a special cake melts due to the heat.
I'm pretty sure all those things happened to me in the last two weeks. My little daughter turned one, and I attempted to make her a pink and white birdcage cake, covered in pastel rolled fondant roses.
It turned out looking like the leaning tower of Pisa, after I made the mistake of icing the layers with buttercream icing.
In summer.
In Brisbane.
With weather forecasts of close to 40C.
We tried to salvage the cake by putting it in the aircon, but even still, the cake leaned and leaned  and slipped and slid until it cracked horizontally half way and the top looked like it would topple. Due to the leaning, the icing began to tear and the white chocolate used for the cage lines began to crack and bow.
Thanks to my husband, we saved the cake from completely falling into a heap. He came to the rescue just before it collapsed and propped it upright with a small cushion against the wall. Oh the things you have to do to save cake sometimes!
Despite all this, I think, before it leaned all the way over and cracked, it looked pretty in all its pastel glory. My little darling was wrapped in it.  Thank goodness for her one year old eyes overlooking the flaws. I couldn't wait for the party when I could finally let the darn thing collapse as it so desired.

To learn how to make your own rolled fondant roses, follow the tutorial here.


  1. Yeah..yesterday was really hot. But this cake looks great! I am sure it was really delicious and that is most important!

    1. it was a steamer wasnt it Medeja? thanks for your kind words...It did look nice for a short while. hehe

  2. Oh Louise! It's beautiful. With my two having their birthdays in November, I'm limited to how much effort I want to go to with melted icing.

    Happy birthday to your little one.

    anne xx

    1. oh thanks anne, thats so very nice of you! it is a bit of an effort when all the birthdays come at once, isnt it? Just not the weather for this sort of thing! Happy birthday to your munchkins too!

  3. Well it is beautiful :) I wish I had your cake skills!

  4. It looks divine ... Your funny story has reminded me of many birthday cake "incidents"! You truly are the dessert queen.

  5. It looks divine ... Your funny story has reminded me of many birthday cake "incidents"! You truly are the dessert queen.


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