Friday, January 4, 2013

White Chocolate Dipped Cherries

You roll out of bed, the kids are calling for breakfast.
A wave of nausea hits, and the last thing you want to think about is FOOD.
What you're thinking about is whether you'll make it to the bathroom in time, and what other receptacles along it's way might be suitable ports of call lest your stomach decides to wait for no one. Ugh.
Yes, that's why I've been absent so long and my posts have become less frequent.
It's not a permanent thing. My husband and I are super excited to be expecting a little wee bubba into our lives for the third time!
I am still passionate about all things food, despite having to give up delightful soft cheeses, prawns, sushi and wine. Believe it or not, sadly I've even temporarily lost my desire for sweet things. The new little baby that is on it's way is craving nothing but healthy foods (and dim sims), and I find this somewhat challenging as I want to keep posting on Lick the Spoon, and find less motivation to cook the usual culinary delights.
I think my husband's work colleagues need to start demanding food sent to their office. I'm up for requests...Bring it on I say!
For myself, I'll stick to the salads and a buffet of fruit, until this morning sickness departs me. In the meantime, keep following! I'll be forcing myself to cook, and shipping it off to anyone who wants it...and blogging more frequently than I have been in the past few months.
I have a few recipes that I prepared over Christmas. I know, Christmas has passed. For the main part anyway. But...there are 12 days of Christmas, so there are still a few days of indulgence left! Here's a quick and easy and elegant addition to any gathering requiring food with friends. It combines the sweetness of white chocolate with the delightful tartness of fresh cherries, incorporating all the traditional colours of the festive season. These white chocolate dipped cherries look fancy, and take so little time to create, and can also be made using dark or milk chocolate depending on your taste-buds. Other serving suggestions: dip the unset chocolate coated cherry in crushed nuts, coconut or contrasting shaved chocolate for something extra fancy.


80g white cooking chocolate (I recommend compound chocolate)
12 cherries, at room temperature

Place the chocolate in a small microwave proof bowl. Microwave on high for 20 seconds at a time, removing and stirring after each pause until smooth.  Set aside to cool a little.
Line a tray with non stick baking paper. Dip each bottom of each cherry into the chocolate and place on the paper. When all the cherries are dipped, move the tray to the refrigerator. Chocolate should set within 15 minutes. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Makes 12

NOTES: the bright red cherries look the prettiest, yet are have a more tart taste than the darker coloured cherries, which are sweeter.


  1. Mm.. Cherries and white chocolate sounds so good..

  2. Looks absolutely delicious! I would so love to try some. I am sure they taste great.


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