Monday, October 6, 2014

Brisbane Cake Expo 2014

Last Sunday I went with a few friends to check out the first ever cake exhibition in Brisbane, expecting to see nothing but the best. We were not disappointed, as the finest and most talented cakies out there had put on a show. I was in such a hurry to immerse myself in cakes and fondant that I unfortunately forgot to put the memory card in my Canon. Sad, sad me became one of the masses, holding my dodgy phone cam up to snap cakes from afar. On coming home and showing some of the gloriously grainy pictures of amazing cakes to friends, it shocked me how some people viewed the artistic talent. While I am simply floored by the intricacy and creativity of these marvels on display, it appears not everyone thought they were that amazing...they spoke of taste over appearance. Maybe the old phrase "it's what's on the inside that counts" rings true even in the professional cake world?
So-it got me thinking-where do we cross a boundary with art and food?  Is there such a thing as too much art in food, to the point that we lose sight of what it actually is-cake? Some cakes, I admit, did look too heavily donned in fondant for the designs sake, to actually taste good (without of course, peeling it off as most people do anyway.)

But-who eats the cake anyway? Isn't it really just the obligatory centre piece at a party these days? It may as well look amazing as be edible!
I like to think of the two combined. The deliciously adorned cake. It adds a certain excitement, a focal point at a party. Of course though, when the percentages of fondant out weigh the percentage of cake, perhaps that is when we ought to call it art and not cake. What's your opinion?
Anyway, I am here to share my grainy photos and to tell you what seems to be the trend at the moment in the world of cakes. Here's what was making waves:

Sequins-edible sequins (usually gold)
Rice paper creations-rice paper cut and formed into roses etc.
Edible lace-sugar veil continues to make elegant waves!
Nude/naked cakes-I spotted only a few of these but know they're new on the cake scene
Metallics- lots of gold and silver, either as highlights or more solid splashes (tiers, sequins, glitter, use of edible gold leaf for a really shiny finish)

Nude/naked two tier cake with fresh lisianthus.

Cut out discs of peach coloured rice paper form these stunning edible roses. They are apparently affixed together only with spots of water.  Such a pretty delicate decoration.

Pretty purple floral cake pops and ornate cake stands for sale.

Cupcake towers are still very popular.

 Over-sized fondant flower on a plain two tier cake, and the other cake with a combination of watercolour sponging, gold metallic edible paint and fondnat flowers

 Some of the amazing creations in the competition. I was surprised that these were all fondant covered cakes! There were no chocolate paneled cakes, iced cakes or naked cakes to be seen.

 Alice in Wonderland tea party cake which stood over a metre tall.

Disney Frozen movie cake with giant glittering snowflake on top

 One of my favourites. It was so elegantly and simply decorated, while being quite unique. Three white tiers with giant pink and white cabbage roses made of rice paper, paired beautifully with fondant succulents! What a delight. Loved the cake board too, such an elegant finish.

 Gold sequined tiers alternating with light grey tiers, with intricate detail to each sequin. It also features a floral garland with splashes of lace. I think these flowers were also made with rice paper.

 Two tier cherry cake featuring printed  rice paper discs and ribbon.

 Pastels, bows, ribbons,lace, roses and elegant!

 Quite amazing use of suspension here with this paint tin and brush cake. Love the wood look cake board.

Another Disney Frozen cake.

 Monster's Inc. and Toy Story cake

Little girl with balloons cake. I loved how unique this cake was. Not sure what the balloons were made of but I would say it's some sort of sugar blowing decoration (like glass blowing)

 Bridal cupcake towers featuring fresh flowers, fondant flowers lace and elegant floral pastel decorations.

Pretty pastel cupcakes

 I'm kind of obsessed with these cupcake towers.

 Suspended milk jug cake with strawberries, custard and mice. Awesome wood look cake board.

Black, white and gold makes for a glitzy and glam wedding or birthday cake

 I love this rustic three tiered naked cake with jam filling and fresh flowers! I want to sink my teeth right into it.

 Bling cake with ruffles and sequins and sparkled

Shiny metallic gold cake tier made with edible gold leaf, featuring black, gold and white peonies and ruffles.

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