Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Most Amazing Wedding Cake

I have been so blessed with the wonderful big family that I have. And all my in laws are wonderful too--how many people can honestly say that! I mention this because I want to share something really special with everyone. In a few days its my husband and my cotton anniversary--two years of bliss! For our wedding, my sister-in-law Renee made the cake as a special gift to us both.
It was my fantasy cake...layers of soft sponge cake decked out with fresh pink roses and served with berry coulis! The roses matched the bridesmaids dresses and one was placed besides each piece of cake when it was served. It was all so pretty! Luke and I were too busy smiling for photos and we missed out on actually tasting its sublimeness. Our jaws would have been too sore from all that grinning to be up to any chewing motion anyway, I'm thinking. Ouch. Got to love a million trillion photos and being too happy to wipe that smile off!
Yes, it was the most beautiful cake. Of course (like any artist) Renee was not 100% pleased with the outcome. Don't ask me why. Artists will be artists.

Its almost Shabby Chic...just the way I like it!!!

Our Wedding day July 2009

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