Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sugared Rose Petals

"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds 'round my neck."
~Emma Goldman

Roses are famed to be the most beautiful flowers in the world, and their dew scattered petals often noted in both poem and prose as one of the most incredible visions to behold. Imagine if you could have this beauty on a cake? You can, and it's simple and elegant and defiantly a cheap yet luxe addition to any edible. (you get the roses AND the diamonds in one go!)
Not only do these cake toppers look extreamly pretty, they taste delicious too. The softness of the petal combined with a delicate rosewater flavour that is experienced, is divine.
You can use the same method to coat other flowers for a pretty effect, but be sure that the flowers are edible before you begin. Some edible flowers are:

Citrus blossoms

Just to name a few.
These would look so pretty placed individually on the top of cupcakes...it may even make a pretty Valentine's Day gift for your beloved. In fact, who needs Valentine's day as an excuse to bake for the one you love? Give them roses any day of the year!


1 egg white
rose petals
a pastry brush
1/2 cup caster sugar (or super fine sugar)

Hold the rose petal at the end that was previously joined to the stem. Finely brush both sides with egg white. Do not coat heavily, as this becomes problematic and will cause shedding.
Place the sugar in a small bowl. Gently dip the coated petal into the sugar until covered. You may like to pour some of the sugar onto the petal with your fingers for an even coating. Gently place the sugared petal on some baking paper to dry, or in an empty egg carton to shape the petals a little more. Leave for 3 hours or so to dry before placing on cakes, cupcakes or desserts.

If the petals are coated too heavily in egg white, the sugar begins to clump, as above (or worse, this is not a bad case) and may fall off the petal.

"It is at the edge of the petal that love waits."
~William Carlos Williams


  1. thanks for the post ,,, i love it !

    but can i use any rose ? also the one i buy from the flower shop ?

    becuase we dont have organic flower shop in my country its jus a regular flower shop

    1. I would be careful with the roses you choose as some may have been sprayed with pesticides etc. having said that, most vegies also have, so if you cant find home grown roses, get some store bought ones and give then a gentle rinse off and let dry before sugar coating them. good luck!


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