Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sunday High Tea Buffet at The Stamford Plaza

All the cool kids in the blogosphere have their posts going on about Halloween treats, and oh what to make? And here I am sipping rose tea at a Sunday High Tea Buffet at The Stamford Plaza. Meanwhile less people are visiting the blog at this time of the year because in my world, Halloween is a negative, and I refuse to glorify ghoulishness by cooking up pumpkin heads and the likes. This blog has until now, contained no Halloween goods, zero, zilch!
Ah call me old fashioned, yeah I am! I'm enjoying an elegant high tea by the Brisbane river in my ruffled pink dress with all my the ladies. There's a Sunday High Tea here every week, a glorious chocolate buffet and a yummy savory buffet as well (the smoked salmon quiches are to die for, and I seriously considered bribing the chef for the recipe). They have some really talented and creative chefs working on all the beautiful finger foods we all enjoyed during our visit.
It so happened that the girls and I headed out on the Sunday that the high tea was Halloween themed. So here I am now talking Halloween food. And I'm about to show you what they had on display. It may give some of you ideas for Halloween treats to make if you're into that sort of event--there were white chocolate ghosts, pumpkin head cake pops, and cleverly named desserts such as "Phantom of the Opera Cake" (it was that delightful layered Opera cake that we all want to make but looks too time consuming).
As lovely a time as I had in those glorious surroundings, I was a little zapped out that the high tea was Halloween themed. It certainly took out some of the elegance associated with the tea, cake and scones affair that a high tea usually is. However, the food was still magnificent! The surroundings also absolutely luxurious, and I can say with all certainty, I will be returning to sip many more cups of tea in that river side pavilion surrounded by gorgeous gardens.
Sending a very special thanks out to Marcela for the use of her photos, I was too busy drooling to take any decent ones. And just look at those bright pink finger sandwiches!

Smoked salmon quiches were to die for!
Halloween themed buffet.
Can't have a high tea without scones!

Rose tea (tasted like Turkish delight! Yum!
Macadamia Caramel Slice with a few chocolate ghosts are floating around. (You can make your own by pouring melted white chocolate over the ends of ice cream cones)
This made me not want to eat. I think it's some sort of punch.

Angry little pumpkin head cake pops

True elegance with all the beautiful silverware!

Phantom of the Opera Cake far centre

Oh so fudgy!
Purple and orange macaroons
The Pavilion
Some of the lovely gardens that lead on to Brisbane Botanical Gardens

Yeah that's me biting my lip


  1. I went to the chocolate high tea there years ago Louise. What a shame it was Halloween themed. Nearly made it seem tacky for the Stamford. Although the food you had does look good.

    Anne xx

    1. oh did you Anne! how was it? yes I felt that it was cheapened a little by the theme, it was a shame. it's made me determined to go back to check it out when its not themed though, so they have my business again lol

  2. Hi Louise (and Anne).

    Thank you for sharing your delicious high tea pic and review of our Halloween High Tea. We’ll be posting it on our Facebook page later today so we too can share your experience and great photos!

    As a matter of interest we put on the Halloween themed High Tea due to the many requests we received.

    We believe it’s a result of the very successful "Mad Hatter" High Teas we ran at Easter time and during the June school holidays. Our Executive Pastry Chef Eilidh is very cleaver and does a wonderful job with an manner of themes we throw at her. She also was asked to prepare high tea for the Queen during her most recent visit to Brisbane.

    We look forward to welcoming you back.

    1. thanks Stamford:) I thoroughly enjoyed myself and you have very talented chefs! looking forward to coming back!!


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