Friday, August 15, 2014

Cowch Dessert Bar Review

There's a new kid on the block. A kid that tickles my fancy.
Actually it's a dessert bar. You can see why I've fallen in love with it, because it hits my sweet tooth, and sweets are basically my niche when it comes to baking. Ooh la la!
Cowch has risen to one of my favourite spots in Brisbane city.
The front invitingly opens onto the street, and cushioned milk crates and small comfortable tables spill out onto the path. Glancing inside, you see a cocktail bar tucked over on the left, and a large open fire set in a circular stone pit close by to keep you toasty while you browse the extensive cocktail list. To the far right, across tables and couches, is a large glass cabinet of delightful desserts, a window of pastel ice creams suspended midair, and quirky decor. The ceiling is dotted with cow udder light fittings and glowing glass milk bottles. My eye is drawn to the back wall behind the counter, which shimmers mermaid-style in a silvery pink scaled tile. (What I would do to have that look in my bathroom!)
We are seen to immediately, and have a short wait before being seated, in which time we scoot over to the bar and order from the dessert inspired, cream laden cocktail menu.
I saw why the people piled inside, it was the perfect place to head after dinner or a show for a drink and to finish off with a decadent dessert. My friends and I loved everything about this place.
To top off the night, we even spotted and had a brief chat to the lead dancer (Romeo) from the Romeo and Juliet Ballet sitting on the table next to us. Night made!

 Drawn in off the street by the amazing, glowing dessert cabinet...

 The decor roughly revolves around cows and cream...loving it! There's a large table in the centre of the room for larger groups of people.

A window of at least 15 different ice creams and gelato that is readily available to taste test.  My pick was peanut butter ice cream. To die for!

 Some of the exquisite cocktails you can expect to be served at Cowch.

Birthday girl and her strawberry mocktail.Yum! The bar staff were happy to create cocktails by request, and also made my sister in law a cookies and cream cocktail.

 Those cocktails went down smoothly! Oh and here's the proof of my size, for those who have recently enquired (yes people ask this!) I am not huge from eating all my bloggy stuff! Yet.)

 You can order desserts from the menu or front window at this counter, and go across to the ice cream display to choose your flavour for the side (yes, taste testing available!) Pretty sure this fella is Cowch's owner, he looked as if he ruled the roost and was very accommodating. Staff were friendly, helpful and efficient and happy to pack up a box for take away-with ice cream for the husbands!

I can never, never go past a good looking Bacci Torte. And that is peanut butter ice cream on the side!


  1. I was there yesterday! And desserts and ice cream were just fantastic!

  2. ah awesome! so nice to hear from others who have been there. we had a great experience and all the food looked amazning. we will definately be returning! thanks for popping by Medeja, always lovely to hear from you!


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