Thursday, February 17, 2011

Strawberry Mountains

Remember my whiney blog about St Valentine's Day disasters? Apologies. And as a peace offering, I'm sharing my recipe for a St Valentine's Day dessert that wasn't such a disaster! Truth be told, even though our restaurant sank into the Brisbane River before we could get there, my hubby and I had a fantastic candlelit dinner under the stars...Norah Jones in the background, baby sound asleep, candles, bubbly in the ice was amazing! We ate simply, a meal cooked by the both of us (chicken schnitzel and salad), drank almost a bottle of moscato each and it was all topped off with a scrumptious dessert I created. Bliss! What did you lovers do for St Valentine's Day this year?

Best Ever St. Valentines Day Dessert

1 packet chocolate creme biscuits
100ml cream
200g chocolate
strawberries to decorate

Place all biscuits in the blender and process until they resemble fine breadbrumbs.
Remove and place contents in a bowl. Add enough cream so that the crumbs begin to clump and can be formed into a shape. Press into disposable shot glasses or moulds and refrigerate until hard. With the help of a butter knife, remove.
The removed biscuit mountains. Rough edges are not a problem as these will be hidden beneath a chocolate layer.

Coat each with melted chocolate, strawberries and cream. Alternately pile crushed honeycomb on the top of each mountain, or your choice of decoration, and refrigerate to keep firm.

What is worth eating if not smeared in melted chocolate?

NOTES: Disposable shot glasses make fantastic molds. They are thin plastic, so when removing with a knife they may crack, allowing for easier removal. These can be found at your local supermarket and have multiple uses. You may also try other types of biscuit in this recipe. How divine does choc mint creme biscuit towers sound?
Ta Da!

As the French so sweetly put it, Bon Appetit!

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  1. Wonderful. All of your chocolate creations look so temptingly moist.


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