Friday, January 21, 2011

Quick Fixes For Unexpected Or Forgotten Parties

Ever forgotten that you invited a whole swag of people to come over for dinner weeks ago, and find yourself with a few hours to organise something impressive? Everyone's had one of those days where they just could not get everything done that they wanted to, and then to go and spend hours trying to create a fancy dessert for guests is just out of the question. So I've created a super quick and extra delicious recipe for these moments in time. Not only do they taste superb, they also look fantastic in all their simple but deadly glory.


300g thickened cream
150g chocolate
 300g chocolate ripple biscuits
100g extra chocolate
50g extra cream
12 cherries with stems

Whip cream and fold through melted chocolate.
Place 12 biscuits face up on a serving platter. Spoon a dollop of chocolate cream onto the centre of each. Place another biscuit on top of the cream. Top with another dollop. Place one more biscuit on top of each stack.

Melt extra chocolate. To make ganache, stir into this chocolate the extra cream and immediately pour onto each individual dessert. Top with a fresh cherry and refrigerate until served.

Makes 12

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