Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine's Day Delights

My husband and I have had a bad run with Valentine's Day celebrations. A  few of my friends seem to think I have "it all like a fairy tale"...if they only knew our run with the one day in the whole year that is celebrated by lovers worldwide!
To begin, he and I were in a long distant relationship. The first Valentine's Day that crossed us was in 2007, when I flew interstate to surprise him on the day. He happened to be working late...and both being so tired, we didn't even get to spend much time together that day, we didn't even have dinner together. It was probably one of the most romantic ideas I had ever come up with.
The next year, after moving to that state he lives in, we had a family dinner with his parents, after most of the day apart (due to Luke's cricket game). The dinner and company I might add, where amazing...but...being the pampered, selfish little brat I am, I wanted him all to myself, for the whole day...and hence, have come to loath cricket in every form.
Valentines Day 2009 was very special--we were newly engaged and spent a fabulous evening in a jazz bar with a scrumptious dinner listening to a live band, with cocktails and bubbly, and chocolate fondue to finish the night. So I cant complain about that, it was superb!
2010 we had a booking for a very romantic dinner out, finally as a married couple and still honeymooning with our lovechild on the way. dear, dear brother-in-law and his fiance happened to set that very day for their engagement party. I love you Dave and Marce, but I hated the decision! I still do.
Finally, finally, wonderful 2011 arrives. We booked a great restaurant early, no one would steal this day from us. We even paid in advance, with a wonderful deal they had advertised for two. We were to receive a complimentary bottle of wine on arrival, have live jazz playing throughout our three course meal, with a table looking out over the city-lit Brisbane River.

Drift (aka Oxleys) on the Brisbane River
Well, due to recent events here in Queensland, something very devastating happened to that very restaurant. I watched on TV as before my eyes the camera caught footage of the floating beer garden being pulled from the side of the restaurant, and moments later, the whole restaurant itself simply sank into the river!

January floods..."Drift" sinks into the Brisbane River

Drift beer garden detaches and drifts off...
 Alright, I give up. It wasn't meant to be. And now, sitting here, I realise why. All along, I've been wanting to share a romantic dinner with my beloved and have been relying so much on external, material things making our Valentine's Day special. But really, its all about spending that quality time together...anywhere. Valentines smalentines! Every day should be Valentine's Day.
So, this year, my husband and I will sit out on our candle-lit veranda, when our beautiful son is asleep, and we will have a delicious home cooked meal that we have created together. Yes, Norah Jones will be playing, but no one else and nothing else will interrupt or add to our night. THAT my friends, is romance.


Give me a box of these and I'll love you forever.

4.5 tablespoons of thickened cream
9 ounces of bittersweet chopped chocolate
15 strawberries
1.5 tablespoons of butter

Line a plate or tray with baking paper. Over a bowl of boiling water, melt the butter and chocolate, stirring until melted and well combined.
Add cream to the chocolate mixture and stir until smooth. Allow to cool.
When strawberries are room temperature, pick up each by its stem and dip it into the mixture. Allow any excess chocolate to drop back into the bowl. Carefully place the chocolate coated strawberry onto the greaseproof paper and repeat until all 15 strawberries are coated.

NOTES: you can box these chocolate covered berries in a fancy box and tie with ribbon as a gift. They should be consumed within 1-2 days. Be sure not to store them in the refrigerator. After the chocolate has hardened, you may inject each strawberry with a liqueur of your choice, if preferred. These also look fabulous with a drizzle of white chocolate across them!


  1. Carry on :-). I suspect this will be the best Valentine's day ever. Take care and have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  2. thanks Mary, i am sure it will be too! have a great one yourself!


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