Tuesday, November 12, 2013

One Minute Self Saucing Nutella Mug Pudding for One

Movie ticket for one. Table for one. Pudding for one.
Sounds lonely.
I don't like doing those sorts of things on my own. Never really have had to fortunately. But it sounds way too lonely to be any fun.
Until last night.
I did it.
I went solo.
My husband said it was the perfect night for pudding. It was cool--the type of night you just want to roll up in a ball in front of a log fire like a cat and bask in warmth and hibernate there forever.
But what to do when you can't be bothered cooking pudding for an hour because you're way too tired and it feels like a hundred hours past your bed time?
One minute self saucing microwave mug pudding. And even better, it's choccas with Nutella. Can't really go wrong there.
I can tell you I got a little excited seeing the pudding magically rising before my eyes in the coffee mug and it made its way slowly around the microwave carousel. Nothing really beats chocolate self saucing pudding made in the oven, but this came pretty close, and considering it took so little time, it turned out to be a winner. It's a self saucing pudding, and the sauce sits awaiting at the bottom of the mug, making it fudgy the further you dig the spoon down. Ooh laa la! So good with ice cream...and perfect consolation food for those damn heartbreaks and breakups most people suffer at least once in their lives. Forget eating out of a tub of ice cream. Get to it! It will only take two minutes of your time to put together, and another in the waiting for it to cook, and voila! Better than tall, dark and handsome? Yes...it's rich too.
This decadent recipe makes one generous serve in a large mug (my mug wasn't on the large side, hence the explosion)...so if you're in a wonderfully happy loving relationship, grab two spoons and share it with your significant other. You could even add walnuts to this recipe for something really special--and I also like to add a dollop of cream for nice contrast. Dessert tonight--sorted! In less than 5 minutes from beginning to end.


1 egg
4 tbsp self raising flour
4 tbsp sugar
3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
3 tbsp nutella
3 tbsp milk
3 tbsp oil

Place all the ingredients in a large mug. Thoroughly whisk with a fork until well incorporated and the egg is well broken down. Place in the microwave and cook on high, for approximately 1-1.5 minutes. Cooking time will vary due to the differences in strength from microwave to microwave. Serve with cream or ice cream if desired.


  1. I tried this after work today - it was delicious! I just think it's huge for a one-man desert, I shared it among 6! :) We all loved it.

    1. it is definitely a generous serve! i have never made it to the bottom of the mug on my own lol glad you enjoyed it Dominique!

  2. I was reluctant to read this post because these types of dessert are dangerous for me Louise. It looks lovely. I'll keep this one in mind though, when the urge is too great. LOL

    Anne xx

  3. Just made this! It makes much more than I thought it would and was so delicious! I hope you don't mind, I'm going to feature it on my blog www.cornbreadandheels.com

    1. awesome--it does make a big serve doesnt it? will check it out on your blog, sounds great!

  4. Great recipe. Thanks for sharing. I split it into two regular mugs and was still a large serving. :)

  5. Huge serving! But so yummy :-) Not much of the 'self sauce' part. Recommend adding the nutella after mixing everything else together. Made in a small casserole dish to share with 2 spoons :-) Definitely will be making again!

  6. 1 cup of boiling water to 2 tbsp of cocoa and 1 cup of loosely packed brown sugar. Mix it well and then pour it over the batter evenly (use the back of a spoon). This will create the sauce.

    Note: Maybe you could dissolve 2 tbsp of nutella sans cocoa.

    Sorry to necro an old thread.


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